Services For Veterinarians

Mobile Services

Consultations performed directly with veterinarians and families in the familiarity and comfort of their local clinic.

Referral Services

Traditional referral to a hospital facility for case management and/or interventional therapy.

Ambulatory ECG

Holter monitoring and event recording.

Telemedicine Services

Phone, fax, email consultations.

Thank you for choosing MVVC and entrusting us with your clients and their pets. Our main mission is to help you and your clients manage their pets heart disease to provide for a better quality of life. MVVC is committed to an integrated approach to veterinary care which includes efforts and collaborations between the cardiologist, the primary veterinarian, other specialists and the family of the pet. This collaboration allows for the best possible individualized and ongoing care for animals with heart disease. MVVC is also committed to continued open dialog between the specialist, the referring veterinarian and the client. This open dialog is integral to providing proper long-term management for patients with clinical heart disease.

MVVC provides care for patients from the earliest detection and diagnosis of heart disease through the advanced stages of heart failure. Patient care is individualized to:

  • Develop realistic goals and expectations for your clients
  • Provide client education to promote better understanding of the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of their pet's heart condition.
  • Provide an individualized and ongoing surveillance program to assess for progression and potentially prevent serious complications before they occur
  • Offer the latest and most appropriate treatment options for any stage of heart disease

Phone and email consultations are encouraged prior to referral or mobile consultation and are provided free of charge in most instances.

For more information or to schedule an appointment please call:


Indications for a Cardiology Consult

Historical findings, clinical signs or physical exam findings are typically the first clues that a patient has cardiac disease. Patients with cardiac disease require specialized diagnostics for a definitive diagnosis. A definitive diagnosis is the only way to determine a proper therapeutic plan and prognosis. For example, the presence of a heart murmur usually indicates the presence of cardiac disease but it is not a diagnosis. The need for cardiac therapy is only a guessing game without a definitive diagnosis and an objective evaluation of severity. Combining an echocardiogram with physical exam findings is the most effective non-invasive method of determining a definitive diagnosis for the cause of the cardiac murmur and the need for cardiac medications.

There are many clinical scenarios in which a cardiology consultation is indicated. The following are possible scenarios that require further cardiac evaluation:

  1. Abnormal cardiac auscultation (murmur, a gallop rhythm, systolic clicks, muffled heart sounds, etc.).
  2. Jugular distention / pulses suggesting the presence of right heart disease
  3. Unexplained abdominal distention / ascites.
  4. Coughing, tachypnea, dyspnea
  5. Syncope, collapse, episodic weakness
  6. Exercise intolerance
  7. Arrhythmias noted on physical exam or ECG
  8. Radiographic cardiomegaly
  9. Breeding certifications for breeds that are predisposed for cardiac disease

Proper evaluation of the above clinical scenarios requires expertise in all echocardiographic modalities (2-Dimensional, M-mode, and Doppler) as well as other ancillary cardiac diagnostics and is best performed by a board-certified veterinary cardiologist.