Dr. Richard D. Kienle, DVM

Diplomate ACVIM (Cardiology)


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MVVC works side-by-side, in direct collaboration, with veterinary practitioners to provide unparalleled cardiac care for patients with heart disease. Dr. Kienle, a board certified veterinary cardiologist, and founder of MVVC, is dedicated to work directly with veterinarians and families usually in the familiarity and comfort of their local clinic.

MVVC services are offered through mobile on-site consultation, telemedicine and when necessary by referral.

MVVC provides complete, comprehensive, long-term case management and sound therapeutic recommendations which include both medical management and minimally invasive surgical / interventional procedures.

Mission Statement

To provide the highest quality services for:
  • The treatment of cardiovascular disease in small and large animal species
  • The enhancement of cardiovascular health management and preventative care
  • The enhancement and advancement of cardiovascular research
  • The recognition and dissemination of new knowledge

Company Values

Progressive and responsive service with the following values:
  • Veterinarian Services: Quality, efficiency, confidentiality, and respect of the consultant-practitioner relationship
  • Client Services: Quality, efficiency, empathy, and confidentiality
  • Academic Standards: Commitment to the advancement of veterinary cardiology and to state-of-the-art competency
  • Team Work: Courtesy, open communication, and mutual support
  • Leadership: Positive attitude, enthusiasm, flexibility, motivation, initiative, and acceptance of responsibility
  • Professionalism: Trust, honesty, integrity, and accountability