Mission Valley Veterinary Cardiology

Telemedicine Services

MVVC offers remote services as a means to provide an initial evaluation of non-critical patients, as part of ongoing care of current mutual patients, and as an extended service to veterinarians outside our normal mobile or referral territory.  Case materials including, but not limited to, laboratory reports, radiographs, echocardiographic reports, electrocardiographic tracings, and echocardiographic images can be mailed, emailed or faxed to MVVC for review.  Obviously the depth of the assistance may be limited by the available material and the potential need to interact directly with the patient or perform additional diagnostics. The report can be given by MVVC cardiologists by phone or a written permanent report can be mailed or emailed to the primary veterinarian.


  • Initial consultation prior to mobile appointment or referral: phone report =  free, written report = $55
  • Ongoing care for current mutual patients: phone report = free, written report = $55
  • Remote consultation only (no referral / not mutual patient): phone report = $45, written report = $55

It is preferred that contact with MVVC be made initially by phone.  Please call (408) 842-2899.

Materials can be mailed to MVVC, P.O. Box 1499, Gilroy, CA 95021, emailed to mvvc@mvvc.biz, or faxed to (408) 842-6080.

For more information or to schedule a session please call: