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What is a board certified veterinary cardiologist?

A board certified Cardiologist is a veterinarian that has undergone extensive training, after completing veterinary school, in the embryology, anatomy, function, and diseases of the heart.

All licensed veterinarians have completed a minimum of two to four years of undergraduate school and four years of veterinary school to achieve the Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) or equivalent degree. A board certified specialist has completed an additional three to five years of veterinary medical training. This training usually includes either a one year rotating internship or two years of general practice followed by three year residency in their specific specialty. Residency training is under the direct supervision of board-certified veterinary specialist. During this rigorous training process a resident is required to manage a minimum number of cases and is required to have performed a minimum number of advanced diagnostic procedures and minimally invasive treatments. Board certification/diplomate (DACVIM) status is achieved by successfully completing an approved cardiology residency, passing an extensive credentials packet, passing a general internal medicine examination (qualifying exam) and finally, passing the rigorous two-day cardiology board certification examination. Currently, there are less than 250 board-certified veterinary cardiologists across the United States.

Dr. Kienle is board-certified by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, subspecialty of Cardiology.




When to see a cardiologist

Your veterinarian may recommend a cardiologist if he or she suspects heart disease is the cause of your pet's symptoms or if an abnormality such as a heart murmur or an irregular heart rhythm is noted on a routine exam. A history of coughing, difficulty breathing, weakness, collapsing, or exercise intolerance may be associated with heart disease or congestive heart failure. When your pet has a heart problem, having a cardiologist as part of the care team will assure the best possible treatment and outcome.

MVVC is committed to partnering with you, and with your primary care veterinarian, to provide unparalleled cardiac care for your pet.  The consultation and diagnostics can usually all be done at your veterinarian's clinic to help to make your visits as convenient and stress free as possible, both for you and your pet. For more complex cases or for situations requiring interventions or surgery a referral will most likely be necessary.

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Please contact your primary care veterinarian to schedule a consultation.


If your pet needs immediate medical attention, please call your primary care veterinarian or the closest emergency clinic.


For exisiting clients/patients with non-urgent concerns MVVC can be reached at 408.842.2899 or by email at mvvc@mvvc.biz.